Tuesday, June 4, 2013

her :(

Her face,
Her eyes,
Her small nose,
Her sweet voice,
Visually come into my mind
It comes without my consciousness,
And make me drown in this woeful feeling

I am sorry,
Because I never can help myself from thinking
About you,
How much I yearning for your attention,
Or exactly YOUR affection..
I always questioned myself, am I worth fighting for you?
Or is it I am worth dying for you?
This question always ended with tears falling down

The tears, always wiped off by wind
Seems like wind being my close companion
After being ignored by you

Do you still remember at the time you chased me out?
You simply ended with exhausted
I beamed and laugh because you were so breathless
You were extremely cute with that expression

And I want you to know that you are always engrossing
Beautiful ever in my eyes
You are amazing in your own styles

but then,
Where are you now baby? 
you are far away, 
till the place i can't reach ..
it is undefined .. 





 p/s : credit to my best friend <3

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