Tuesday, September 30, 2014

err. for the first time for this year

and i want to be the reason of the smile
one sister came and asked me , should love be confessed ? or we just need to pray for him to Allah swt?
and I answered that quest : if youuu REALLY want him/her pray for them in your prayer. why? because every single things is from Allah. if you really adore him/her tooo much paused the feeling for the second. why? because love is part of human 'fitrah' . that's nothing last forever in this short life except for Allah love. if he truly loves you, he will marry you to gain the barakah. not dragged you far away from the Almighty. beside that's, if he is a good man he will not easily whispered the bombastic love words to melt your heart

you are hoping for this kind of relationship too? haha. we are same!!